An Automated Railway - The Peggy Smedley Show

An Automated Railway - The Peggy Smedley Show

Matt Reeder, National Client Account Manager-Rail was invited as a guest speaker last week on The Peggy Smedley show to chat about Transportation: Intelligent infrastructure, which is the theme for the month.

The Peggy Smedley Show is ranked as the No.1 US-based IoT (internet of things) and digital transformation podcast, with an objective to keep listeners informed, entertained, and educated. It is regarded by the industry for its original content and strong editorial storytelling.

Peggy and Matthew talked about all things automation in rail. While, also sharing hurdles, lessons learned, and how technology can be applied around the world.

They also discuss:

  • If it is cost-prohibitive to do intelligent infrastructure.
  • The benefits of intelligent infrastructure: cost, safety, people, partnerships, growth, and more.
  • The maturity model that is needed in order to build an intelligent infrastructure

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