Calibre takeover offer acceptances at 79.5%

Calibre takeover offer acceptances at 79.5%

Calibre Group Limited (Calibre) advises that Jupiter Civil Pty Ltd (as trustee for the Jupiter Unit Trust) (Jupiter) has 79.5% of shareholder acceptances received to date. Jupiter has also extended the offer period to end on 7:00pm (AEDT) on 31 January 2019.

Jupiter is currently working to satisfy a number of its conditions outlined in section 9.7 of its Bidder’s Statement dated 17 December 2018 (Bidder’s Statement) in respect of its offer for all the ordinary shares of Calibre.

Shareholders who accept Jupiter’s Offer will receive the consideration under the Offer on or before the earlier of:

(a) one month after the Offer becomes unconditional; and

(b) 21 days after the end of the offer period.

This assumes that no other document is required to be delivered with your acceptance form (found at Annexure B of the Bidder’s Statement). Shareholders should refer to section 9.6 of the Bidder’s Statement for further information around payment of consideration.

It is anticipated that, within the five business days prior to the end of the offer period, sufficient Series B convertible notes or Series B preference shares will be converted to take Jupiter’s relevant interest to 90.1% in Calibre.

Jupiter is likely to proceed to compulsorily acquire the remaining ordinary shares on issue. However, Calibre shareholders who do not accept the Offer and have their shares compulsorily acquired will receive consideration later than shareholders who accepted the Offer.



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