What We Offer

Whether an office based or on site staff member, Calibre is an inclusive, progressive employer and proud to provide a supportive, diverse work environment, where health and safety are paramount.

Workers In The Office
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Worker On Site

Helping our people to succeed

As our most valuable asset, we invest in our employees’ personal and professional growth. We provide a range of benefits, including ongoing professional development, on the job training, study support, leadership and management programs, competitive remuneration packages, generous employee referral incentives, and a host of health and wellbeing benefits to help you thrive.

Experience career momentum

Rewarding careers are not just about remuneration. Recognition for a job well done and job satisfaction are equally important to the career experience, as is the opportunity to reach your potential.

At Calibre, you’ll find yourself in a dynamic role, constantly challenged and encouraged to learn and grow. You’ll work with people who know success first-hand. The energy is infectious as new projects land and ideas flow.

You'll have access to mentors and fellow staff to help support your professional development and provide clarity around your career path.

Whichever path you choose you know your career will accelerate at Calibre.

Flexibility and support

We know that everyone works differently. And that everyone’s life situation requires unique consideration.

Talk to us about your needs. We’re listening and are keen to work with you to ensure our workplace delivers the right work-life balance.

We’re pretty confident that what works for you, will also work for us and our clients.