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Making technology work for cities and its residents

A Smart City uses technology to facilitate a higher quality of life and provide the right environment for investment and collaboration, as we move into an era of knowledge-based economies and industries. Our specialist Technologies division partner with government bodies to implement solutions to see a Smart City vision realised.

We specialise in providing the technology ecosystem, communications infrastructure, and the integration of edge (sensory) devices. We help create an interconnected environment that senses, visualises and manages the data to allow governments (as well as stand-alone precincts) to improve operations and automate system functions.

For future-ready technologies to be implemented, it is essential that communities are built on a foundation of digitally ready, connected technologies with integrated systems.

Our society needs to move from talking about Smart Cities with 'smart citizens', to delivering on the vision. It’s all possible – we just need the corporate will to move from policy into production.

And we can help.

Empowering governments to meet the needs of the community

A smart solution is responsive, targeted, adaptive and in real time.

It’s not Big Brother; it’s simply using data to empower people (or businesses or government) to make informed decisions.

Will the bus be here in 5 minutes or 10?
When did Johnny get his last injection?
What’s the best route to the office today?
Is there a park available on level 5?

We all ask questions – whether as a business or an individual. Smart City technology can help provide answers and solutions.

Driving efficiency and responsiveness

Across a broad spectrum of services, including transportation, energy and power, health care, education, water and other utilities, and waste management, asset owners can use smart data and analytics to:

  • Boost the performance and interactivity of services
  • Reduce resource consumption and costs, and
  • Facilitate greater capacity for real-time responses to issue.

Our specialist team help to embed technology solutions within existing cities or advise the planning of new towns and developments, laying the foundation to make them smart from the start.

Ask us. We love what smart city technology can do and are happy to help.

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