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Calibre respects environmental legislation and policy platforms which ensures we deliver sustainable development.

We support and encourage renewables as part of the energy mix and a sustainable energy solution.

We work with government bodies and the private sector to leverage their sustainability as a market differentiator and open up new opportunities for profitable investment.

Whether you are a developer, an agricultural or industrial land holder, or energy asset owner, we work to improve your environmental performance and reduce both operating risks and costs.

Areas of improvement are almost limitless. Think reduction of disposal costs and volume of waste to landfill. Enhance cost-efficiency and capacity of virtually any development. Add new revenue streams to industrial plants by implementing co-digestion of trade waste.

Improve your reputation, and lower costs.

We can support the design of waste-to-energy plants (anaerobic digestion), construction and commissioning of power generation plants and associated infrastructure, or installation, testing and maintenance services of supporting electrical plants. Becoming sustainable and reducing your waste footprint is not only beneficial for the environment it can save money (even make money) and delay expensive capital investment.

Moving towards Renewables

Our services are transferable across bioenergy, solar, hydro and wind power generation. Whatever the scope of your project, we have the right team to deliver safe, timely and cost-effective solutions to help achieve more sustainable operations and greener energy production.

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