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Diversity in the Rail industry benefits all

The rail industry has been traditionally a male-dominated domain. But all that is changing – and according to Calibre National Client Account Manager - Strategic Advisory

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Heavy Haul Rail - Part of the Calibre DNA

Heavy haul rail has been an integral part of Calibre’s DNA since the company was founded 19 years ago, and it continues to lead the way as an innovator of rail capacity growth, track renewals and operational excellence.

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Building Better Health Outcomes

STARS is the first stage of the Herston Quarter regeneration of 6 hectares of dormant land with a mixed-use precinct comprising world class health services along with a collection of supporting complementary uses.

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Calibre Dad's celebrate International Women Days

An unexpected, but welcomed consequence, of Calibre’s flexible work policies, has resulted in a number of senior male staff working part time. This has enabled them, not only to support their wives in their career journeys but find joy in the extra time to spend being a Dad. Highlights include “babycinos”, “Daddy day care” and “being present”. With International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8, Calibre’s Dads choose to challenge the status quo.

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Let’s talk about pay equity

Celebrating IWD is one thing, but let’s talk about pay equity International Women’s Day is an important date for all women. A day to look at our own lives and the communities around us. A day to reflect on how far we’ve come and how far we still need to go. A day to honour the women who have come before us and the great achievements they have made. It is also a day where we can all take some time to assess what each of us can do to support each other and the continued work still required in the areas of gender equality.

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