Preserving historic Rottnest Island Railway

Preserving historic Rottnest Island Railway

Our Rail Operations Team recently completed the annual track inspection and railcar audit of the Rottnest Island Tourist Railway for the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA).

Rottnest Island’s railway is a significant visitor attraction and an important part of Rottnest’s history. It was once the only form of transportation on the island and the railway was originally built to move equipment to Oliver Hill when it was the first line of defence for Western Australia in World War II. Oliver Hill is now an iconic defence heritage site that forms part of the island’s rich social and cultural history.

Calibre has been providing this service to the RIA for several years which is important for the island, and a great opportunity for our rail experts Rodney Vermeulen and Ben Jager to share their knowledge and experience with our wider team: Jordan Seet, Rakshya Jadeja and Adam Higgins.

Martin Thobaven (Rail Operations Sustaining Capital Specialist) said: “It’s a privilege to be involved in preserving the services essential to the community being able to appreciate the complex history of the island and in ensuring this special place thrives for generations to come.”

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