A Bright Future: Why Jonathan Ejembi is Proud to Deliver Cutting-Edge Projects

A Bright Future: Why Jonathan Ejembi is Proud to Deliver Cutting-Edge Projects

Seeing his impact, knowing it matters

From a young age, Jonathan Ejembi knew he wanted to bring remarkable projects to life. He found a passion for civil engineering early on, and felt compelled to reduce harm to the environment through his work. Jonathan’s appreciation for the natural world stems back to the years he spent growing up in Nigeria. But as Africa’s largest oil and gas producer, he’s concerned about the future of the vibrant country.

“The Earth is all we have, and we have to look after it,” Jonathan says. “There aren’t a lot of sustainable practices in place in Nigeria. In the resources space, we have to be conscious of the effect it can have on the environment.”

That’s why Jonathan is proud to represent Calibre. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and the wellbeing of our communities comes first. Jonathan says it’s encouraging to be part of a company that has an eye on a cleaner, greener future. And the best part? He gets to actually see the impact of his work and contribution to it.

“I’ve been involved in several great projects at Calibre and I love seeing them come to life. When you drive past a site and you can spot one of the projects you’ve designed, you realise how it’s made someone’s life easier. It’s rewarding to see that.”

Accelerating his career

Jonathan is not the same engineer who first walked through Calibre’s doors. He joined us to work on a rail job in 2019, but was quickly exposed to a range of exciting projects. As a university student, Jonathan didn’t gravitate towards a career involving water - but when an opportunity arose in flood mapping at Calibre, he put his hand straight up.

“I never expected to go into this space, but one thing I did was keep an open mind. That’s the best thing you can do as a young engineer. I’ve gained experience in rail and road earthworks, drainage, and bridges, and now flood modelling. It’s a journey that has opened my eyes to all aspects of civil engineering and I’m absolutely grateful for that.”

For Jonathan, the career progression at Calibre is what keeps him engaged. He says you’re encouraged to get stuck in and build a career that excites you.

“One thing I love about Calibre is the opportunity. Whatever you imagine your best career to be, Calibre actually supports you to achieve it. At the end of a project, you look back and can be proud of what you’ve learned and the difference you’ve made. Those are the moments I cherish the most.”

Genuine connections

If you meet Jonathan on the job, you’ll remember him as a welcoming and driven Civil Engineer. But on the weekends, he’s an Afro-fusion dance teacher. While he hasn’t convinced his fellow team members to bust a move with him yet, he says Calibre empowers you to be who you are inside and outside of work hours.

“When I opened up in the office about my dance teaching, I was surprised by the reception I got. Sometimes, people expect you to fit the mould of what you’d expect an engineer to be. But at Calibre, I find they actually encourage you to be passionate about things outside of the job.”

Jonathan truly values the supportive team he works with. He remembers fondly when a colleague tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and how his team stepped up to the plate to care for him.

“He didn’t have any family here in Perth, and it was amazing to see how the team rallied around him. We all checked in on him and even cooked meals to help with his recovery. That’s a reflection of how we all care for each other. It’s a great space to be in, a great work environment to be in, and a great company to be in.”

With a team that cares and endless opportunities to grow, Jonathan says the future is bright for those at Calibre. He’s excited about the possibility of sharing his knowledge of sustainable practices with industry leaders in Nigeria, and exploring more areas of engineering. Jonathan says anything is possible with Calibre.

“It’s been an absolutely amazing journey. I came to Calibre as a Civil Engineer with a background in building infrastructure, and now I have experience in so many sectors. I know that the great projects I work on today will be different to the ones we’re building tomorrow. I’ll never be short of opportunities at Calibre.”

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