Water and Wastewater the key to opening doors for developments

Water and Wastewater the key to opening doors for developments

Calibre’s Water Services Leader – Ray Thomson states that “A shortage of serviced land and the strength of the housing market across the greater Sydney region has created a tempting opportunity for Property developers”.

Calibre has seen a significant increase in clients seeking to bring forward rezoning and development of land in areas that are currently outside Sydney Water’s Growth Servicing Program. Sydney Water’s Growth Servicing Plan 2020-2025 seeks to map the water-related infrastructure requirements for the next 10-15 years (Growth Servicing Plan (sydneywater.com.au).

One of the key requirements to support both rezoning and early servicing is strategic and detailed planning investigation for water and wastewater services. Calibre can provide this strategic advice for all your property development projects.

Sydney Water needs to understand the impact that future development will have on their existing customers and developments that have already been issued with of a Notice of Requirements. The planning process will identify what infrastructure or upgrades are required to ensure that Sydney Water can continue to meet supply conditions set out in their Operating License and Customer Contract.

Sydney Water servicing Infrastructure
Servicing for Austral & Leppington Stage 3

The planning process can take a year to a year and a half to complete and in most cases, developers will need to engage consultants who are experienced in water and wastewater modelling and environmental and geotechnical assessment.

As an example, the Austral and Leppington area which is rezoned and has highly fragmented land ownership has significant challenges with the timely delivery of water and wastewater servicing arrangements to meet the increased developer demand.

Sydney Water released in July 2021 its position on serviceng for Austral & Leppington Stage 3 ( Austral Leppington Wastewater Stage 3 | Sydney Water Talk ).

Calibre has a team of highly experienced Sydney Water – Water Services Co-Ordinator’s (WSC) team who can provide expert advice on water and wastewater requirements and the development process from rezoning to development approvals. Our team has many years of experience and all our senior WSC team and planners have worked in either local government, Department of Planning and Environment or Sydney Water during their careers. We know the challenges that developers face and how to address the servicing requirements.

We have recently developed a database and plans of existing and future water and wastewater infrastructure that helps Calibre provide preliminary servicing advice across several growth areas in the Sydney Region. This information can be useful for developers looking to purchase land and wanting to understand the timing and cost of providing services.

Ray Thomson adds that “Many areas that have been rezoned are having to wait years for water and wastewater services to be delivered under Sydney Water’s Growth Servicing programs”.

Our WSC team can investigate and obtain approvals for early servicing options prior to delivery of Sydney Water’s permanent infrastructure. This gives developers greater control over when and where they deliver lots. We understand Sydney Water’s needs as well as our clients’ expectations and we put forward cost-effective options that provide environmental and operational solutions.

If you are looking to develop, or purchase land, and would like to discuss your infrastructure plans regarding development approvals or servicing requirements, we would like the opportunity to talk with you about how we can add value to your project. Our main Sydney office is at Norwest however we are also located in North Sydney and at Oran Park. Alternatively, we can arrange a Teams meeting whilst COVID restrictions are in place.

If you would like more information about any of these services, or projects in general, please contact our Water Servicing Co-Ordinator team on (02) 8808 5000 or email either Ray.Thomson@calibregroup.com or Peter.Lee@calibregroup.com .

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