Mayor opens Days Bay Wharf

Mayor opens Days Bay Wharf

Wellingtonians are celebrating the reopening of historic Days Bay Wharf following the completion of major reconstruction works.

Days Bay Wharf originally opened in 1895 to allow steam ferry access to Eastbourne from Wellington. As a result of 126 years’ continuous use and severe invisible damage to the wharf’s hardwood timber piles caused by marine borer, the wharf has required a comprehensive rebuild.

Hutt City Council engaged Calibre to undertake the design and consenting of the Days Bay Wharf structural rebuild works, surveying, tender evaluation, contract document development and contract administration, and construction monitoring. Key priorities for the Council included returning the wharf to a safe standard and maintaining the wharf’s operational capability throughout the duration of the rebuild works.

Congratulations to the Calibre project team, including Tom Arthur, David Chung, Bevan White, Brett Gawn, Jordan Friis and Neil Buchanan for successfully delivering this important community project.

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