Energy in Education

Energy in Education

Calibre has been proud to host ground-breaking STEM school workshops to engage and inspire STEM professionals of the future.

Partnering with award-winning education provider STEM Punks, the initiative – Calibre Energy in Education – aims to educate and inspire young minds about the future of renewable energy and the exciting role they can each play by pursuing a STEM-related career.

The workshop is designed help students examine geothermal technology and solar power with a focus on:

• Renewable energy
• Innovation and design thinking processes
• STEM careers with industry links
• Showcasing students’ work
• Raising awareness about market-leading products and services Calibre offers.

Students are required to design a sustainable school using 3D technology as part of the full-day workshop, in which they also learn about the day in the life of a Calibre engineer, discover STEM skills and thinking, before presenting and evaluating their sustainable school designs.

The initiative is a dual investment in the future of a sustainable environment and a renewables-focused STEM workforce.

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