Heavy Haul Rail - Part of the Calibre DNA

Heavy Haul Rail - Part of the Calibre DNA

Heavy haul rail has been an integral part of Calibre’s DNA since the company was founded 19 years ago, and it continues to lead the way as an innovator of rail capacity growth, track renewals and operational excellence.

According to Calibre’s Rail Operations Manager Nigel Johnson, it’s the passion and quality of our people that enable it to deliver the outcomes that clients require, especially in terms of innovative solutions such as Autohaul©, the world’s first fully autonomous heavy haul railway, designed for Rio Tinto.

“This year, Calibre is proudly sponsoring the Australasian Rail Association Heavy Haul Conference taking place in Perth. It’s human nature to look overseas and think that somebody out there must be doing it better” he said. “But as an industry, in WA we’re truly looked at as the leaders in this field. The ARA Heavy Haul Conference is a showcase of such leaders and we are excited to be a part of it.”

“We're very fortunate in this state that we have four of the leading heavy haul railways in the world,” Nigel said. “Those railways located in the Pilbara, are truly at the forefront of the heavy haul industry in terms of the railed tons and axle loads.”

“Calibre has been a major contributor to the formation, expansion or optimisation of all of these railways, be that through major greenfield or brownfield projects, capacity growth through advanced systems such as AutoHaul® or via rail renewals activities to ensure rail assets are maintained to maximise their life, all leading to safe and efficient operations.”

Experience and passion

It’s the quality of Calibre’s team and the company’s almost two decades of experience that enable it to deliver the outstanding results required of billion-dollar projects.

“The combination of really talented people passionate about ensuring heavy haul in Western Australia and Calibre’s enduring reputation for delivering successful large scale projects for our clients helps to maintain our company’s leading status around the world,” Nigel said.

Lifetime partnerships are the future

“Our role as trusted experts in the heavy haul industry is to partner with clients, obtain a collective understanding of what within their business is working well and what would benefit from optimisation, then efficiently study and deliver that benefit utilising key industry contributors.”

“This trusted partnership remains in place for the entire asset life cycle. At Calibre we provide the full study, engineering and asset management for the rail industry, be that from asset strategy, through concept solutions and business cases to detailed engineering and implementation services,” Nigel said.

“In the past, our role ended with the handover, but now service offerings extend to asset analysis, rail renewals, rolling stock facilities, system transformations, independent safety assessments, and now planning for closure services is being discussed.

“Finally, we are at the start of the shift towards carbon natural operations, which has the power to impact every part of the industry over the next 10 years. It’s truly a very exciting time to be part of the rail industry.”

To learn more about the services Calibre can provide to your rail project reach out to the team at the ARA Heavy Haul Conference on the 14th April or on email.

Nigel Johnson – nigel.johnson@calibregroup.com

Matt Reeder – matt.reeder@calibregroup.com

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