Calibre and Frasers Property Australia – pioneers in Geothermal

Calibre and Frasers Property Australia – pioneers in Geothermal

Calibre Diona’s leadership team recently visited Fraser Property Australia’s Fairwater residential estate to oversee the commencement of construction of the remaining stages at the pioneering project in Sydney’s West.

Fairwater is one of the largest geothermal air conditioning installations in the world. When complete, this 38-hectare landmark development will comprise of almost 900 individual geothermal systems.

Calibre, and its construction and maintenance partner business Diona, have made a strategic investment in geothermal, engaging Australia’s leading specialists and capability in Australia.

“We see geothermal as a complementary offering as we expand our energy and utilities services into a renewables and sustainability offering,” said Peter Massey, Calibre’s Managing Director and CEO.

“Our heritage in the design and delivery of complex infrastructure projects uniquely positions us to further commercialise this proven technology,” he said.

“Fairwater is a success story for geothermal not just in Australia, but internationally. The use of geothermal is a proven means of reducing energy consumption and we see it as an important part of Australia’s sustainability future.”

“We want to broaden our geothermal offering beyond projects like Fairwater and expand into high density residential, commercial, industrial and of course the resource sector,” Mr Massey said.

Mr Massey was joined at Fairwater by Calibre Diona’s Board Chair, David O’Connor and Calibre’s Executive General Manager, Julie Stanley.

Calibre and Diona are delighted to continue this partnership with Frasers Property and look forward to continuing to lead the commercial roll out of geothermal throughout Australia.

Pictured: Diona and Calibre’s Executives, CEO Peter Massey and EGM, Professional Services, Julie Stanley and Board Chair, David O’Connor meet with Andrew Alker, Development Manager of Frasers Property Group witness the drilling for geothermal energy.

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