Sir John Kirwan Foundation named as Calibre’s corporate charity

Sir John Kirwan Foundation named as Calibre’s corporate charity

The Sir John Kirwan Foundation has been named as the corporate charity for Calibre New Zealand.

The Sir John Kirwan Foundation was established to support young Kiwis by reducing the negative impact that unidentified and unsupported mental health issues have on them. The Foundation’s focus is to build a programme that educates young Kiwis around all aspects of mental health so they will be well positioned to recognise and positively deal with life when it gets tough. By giving young people the skills and information to recognise and understand their own mental health, they can talk about, manage and maintain it and help others to do the same.

Mental ill health touches us all in some way, whether it's through personal experience or the experiences of our family, friends, colleagues or someone in the community. Unless someone asks us, we rarely talk about mental health openly. Sadly, New Zealand has one of the highest rates of suicide in the developed world and it's the stigma surrounding mental health that is a major contributing factor to people not talking about how they are feeling or seeking help when they need it.

Changing this stigma starts with our young people and by educating them about mental and physical well-being and dispelling the myths about mental ill health, we take a proactive approach and begin to change perceptions. Then hopefully one day, these alarming trends will reverse.

Bruce Vincent, Calibre’s Executive General Manager – New Zealand & South Pacific, said supporting the Sir John Kirwan Foundation is a natural fit for Calibre due to the alignment of its company values and culture.

“A part of living our value 'we care for people's well-being', is looking out for our people and community and creating a mentally healthy workplace, one where people feel safe to have open conversations about mental health and have the tools to achieve mental wellness,” Vincent said.

“Calibre is excited about its journey ahead with the Sir John Kirwan Foundation and together making a real difference for future generations.”

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