Urban Regeneration: Taking forward the challenge in New Zealand

Urban Regeneration: Taking forward the challenge in New Zealand

What does the future of urban regeneration in New Zealand look like? Despite growth and housing pressures across our main centres, New Zealand continues to trail the delivery of urban regeneration in comparison with countries like the UK. With the government’s decision to set up a National Housing and Urban Development Authority, urban regeneration is firmly on the agenda.

Calibre partnered with Colliers International, ENGEO, MartinJenkins, MRCagney, RCP and Warren and Mahoney to present Urban Regeneration: Taking forward the challenge in New Zealand. It was a fantastic evening, where attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable insights from keynote speaker, Sir Howard Bernstein, and panelists David Jones, Martin Udale, Wayne Silver, Sue Evans and David Kennedy.

Sir Howard is widely recognised as one of the chief architects of Manchester’s resurgence over the last four decades. He pioneered the use of innovative financial instruments to support local investment in infrastructure, delivering devolution agreements, forging a series of innovative public-private partnerships, facilitating a series of transformative projects and driving the social, urban and economic regeneration of disadvantaged parts of Greater Manchester.

Sir Howard shared how New Zealand can learn from Manchester’s experience. His key message was that regeneration requires a long-term commitment to a city – you must plan for growth, enable fiscal intervention and put people at the centre of what is proposed.

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