Ryan Eales

Project Manager - Mining & Minerals

My Story

For Ryan Eales, there’s nothing more fulfilling than taking ownership of his career. His story with Calibre started when he joined us as a Project Engineer, and his drive to achieve has seen him go from strength to strength. Now, as Area Manager, Ryan leads a team of dedicated people who care about delivering incredible projects. At Calibre, the father-of-two is encouraged to seize every opportunity available - and he’s excited about what’s to come.

The right path

When the time came for Ryan Eales to choose a career, he was torn between two diverse paths. It’s not common for high school students to excel in both the arts and STEM, but Ryan was no average teenager! He enjoyed studying maths and science, but he also felt drawn to the stage - and even considered pursuing a career in the performing arts. In the end, Ryan decided to turn his childhood love of building blocks into a future in civil engineering.

“The path I chose was more secure,” Ryan says. “I went to the University of Western Australia, and was shocked to find out that there were 14 types of engineering. I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) in 2007, and my journey started from there.”

After finishing his degree, Ryan backpacked around the world. He returned to Western Australia with greater life experience and an eagerness to kickstart his career. Ryan took his first step in the industry as an Earthworks Contractor, but it wasn’t until an ex-colleague reached out that he truly found his purpose.

“He told me about the role at Calibre, and the rest is history,” Ryan says. “What really struck me was the career progression. I started as a Project Engineer and worked my way up to the Senior role by being involved in major rail expansion projects. And in 2015, I was named Western Australian Young Professional Engineer of the Year by Engineers Australia. That opened a lot of doors for me.”

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Making great projects work

For Ryan, a career with Calibre means endless opportunities. He’s been one of our valued team members for more than a decade, rising through the ranks to gain experience in several different roles. Ryan says he’s always felt empowered to take control of his career.

“Calibre is a place where no one will ever say no to you,” Ryan says. “If you’re a curious individual who likes a challenge, and you’re willing to put your hand up and get stuck into it, you can go really far.”

In his current role as Area Manager, Ryan is responsible for overseeing the works undertaken at the Mesa J and K mines. No two days are the same, and Ryan enjoys the challenge of strengthening his management skills. He works closely with his team to ensure successful outcomes. At Calibre, Ryan says you build strong connections with your colleagues, while being given the opportunity to make great projects work.

“We’re a Tier 2 project delivery engineering company that competes with Tier 1 companies, and we do it with great people and culture,” Ryan says. “There’s not many companies where you can have fun and enjoy flexibility, but also get to work on $1.5 billion projects. You feel like you’re part of a small company, but you’re delivering big outcomes.”

Values-based leadership

As a young Engineer, Ryan was committed to reaching his personal goals. And now, in his managerial role, Ryan says his success is linked to the success of his people. While the nature of his work can be challenging, Ryan teaches his team to always go above and beyond client expectations while remaining aware of their limits. Providing a safe space for his people to grow is what gives this values-based leader the most joy.

“Leading people is what gets me out of bed each day,” Ryan says. “I still enjoy the technical part of a project, but it’s more about helping deliver outcomes for my team. I see myself more as a Manager than an Engineer, and Calibre supports me in getting the most out of my role.”

Ryan recommends Calibre to those eager to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into a project. He urges potential candidates to get excited about forging their own path - and in return, Calibre will reward you with a career packed with purpose.

When recruiting for his own team, Ryan says he looks for people who are driven by their values.

“I want people who are committed and stick to their word,” Ryan says. “I’d much rather have someone who is positive and willing to learn than someone who is a technical genius. Most importantly, you need to take control of your own career. And whatever you do, do it well. Those who care about their work and go the extra mile will always get noticed.”

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