Mila Zigelman

Project Accounting Lead

My Story

Mila Zigelman grew up in Far East of Russia in the port city of Vladivostok and worked as a maritime lawyer in her twenties before coming to Australia ten years ago with her family. At that time, she made the decision to change careers and become a qualified accountant and CPA.

“When I arrived in Perth, I found a role of a financial accountant in Manufacturing Business producing large agricultural machinery. I worked closely with the engineering department on reconfiguring the ERP system to reflect the correct financial position. I realized that I like working with engineers as you become part of the team working together to create a product. I developed my skills further as a Project Accountant working for an engineering consultancy, managing a large portfolio of projects for the resource sector. The exciting part of that role was being a member of the testing team for the new ERP software and developing training packages for the Project Teams.”

As Project Accounting Lead, Mila and her team of trusted advisors provide financial services support to Calibre’s teams from project creation to close, enabling Project Managers to focus on delivery and operations.

Mila is inspired by supportive and collaborative teams focused on professional delivery and professional colleagues who share their knowledge for the benefit of the team and the business.

“I am motivated when I am a part of a good team. A team that has a culture of trust and support for each other. A team that can openly discuss issues and look together for solutions and implementation steps. I am motivated when I see that my team is making progress day by day to deliver professional service and see that our efforts are recognized and appreciated by the business.

“I admire professionals who excel in their field and share their knowledge generously with their team. I always enjoy working alongside colleagues who are genuine and direct - can make a key decision and bring a positive change. I was lucky enough to meet leaders who are humble and can ‘put themselves in your shoes’. I strive to be that person myself.”

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