Joshua Goman

Senior Engineer – Water & Environment

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Achieving chartered status is a significant milestone in an Engineer’s career, and for Joshua Goman it was a rewarding experience to go through.

A Senior Engineer – Water & Environment based in Calibre’s Brisbane office, Joshua explains his experience becoming chartered with Engineers Australia amid a global pandemic.

“One of the few upsides of COVID-19 was having the time set aside to focus on the chartered process. There was a fair bit of down time to get organised and pull together the evidence I needed, reflect on how my past experiences related to each of the competencies and organise the industry reviews with my peers.

The Engineers Australia chartered process involves proving (and then maintaining) competency in several key areas across personal commitment, obligation to the community, value in the workplace and technical proficiency.

“I received a lot of support from my Manager who helped guide me through the process, and the rest of our team were very encouraging. We had linked portions of the Chartered process to my Professional Development Plan to ensure that I was continuously on target.

“I studied my bachelor’s degree at CQU (Central Queensland University), this prepared me for the chartered process in how the courses were delivered and reflecting on what we have learnt. They helped build up our profile and ensure we were in a mindset of gathering evidence from the beginning of our careers.

“As part of the process, you are required to complete a self-reflection but also an industry review to gain broader insight into your contributions. For this, I reached out to a variety of different Supervisors that I had worked with during my time at Calibre, from my immediate supervisors Toby Chalmers and Mal McCann to supervisors in other departments who I worked on projects with. I found this provided me with a well-rounded view of my experiences to date.”

To those who aspire to become chartered at some point in the future, Joshua says to get started early!

“Gathering the necessary information as you go will assist in being prepared when you when are you are ready to submit. Even if you had a negative experience, it could contribute towards your experiences and competencies.”

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