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An exciting future awaits

Growing up in the sun-kissed coastal town of Noosa, Emilie Richeux explored many different subjects at school. From Italian and graphics to television production and maths, this enthusiastic learner wanted to keep her options open. But one of Emilie’s teachers noted her aptitude for chemistry, and suggested a career in Chemical Engineering.

“I didn’t even know about Chemical Engineering until my teacher told me about it!” Emilie says. “But I’d always loved chemistry, and I was good at maths. So, that’s what I decided to study at uni. I found it really engaging from the beginning.”

In 2014, Emilie moved to Brisbane to complete a dual major in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. As she neared the end of her degree, she applied for graduate positions at different organisations, but Calibre and its strong team culture made a lasting impression on her.

“I had a good feeling about Calibre right from the beginning,” Emilie says. “It was clear from my interview that there was a big focus on individual achievement, and everyone was so nice. That’s why I joined - and it’s why I’ve stayed!”

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Making an impact, knowing it matters

Emilie joined Calibre in March 2019 as a Graduate Engineer. Working with our Environmental Approvals team in the Mining and Minerals sector, she contributed to projects that aligned with her interests in nature and sustainability.

“A lot of my work involved designing structures that were safe for animals. One project involved designing wildlife crossings to ensure local fauna could cross a train line unharmed, back to their natural habitat. We worked with ecologists to make sure snakes could move safely underneath the train line, and looked at different types of animal-safe fencing. We even designed koala culverts - big underground pipes with internal structures to make them enticing for koalas to pass through. It was a fun job!”

Calibre recognised Emilie’s enthusiasm and potential from the start. In her second year with us, she was offered a position as a Process Engineer with our Mining and Minerals team. Excited to tap into her Chemical Engineering skill set, Emilie seized the opportunity.

“I was pleasantly surprised - I never imagined I’d be able to work in Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering with the same company. It’s just one example of how Calibre encourages its people to explore new pathways and move into roles they love.”

Working alongside Senior Process Engineers, Emilie designs process plants for companies that mine and process minerals and metals. No day is the same, which is just how Emilie likes it.

“It’s a fast-paced environment that requires a lot of problem-solving and creativity. I love the variety. On any day, I could be doing a bit of chemistry, some calculations, drawing and modelling - essentially, planning what the final processing plant will look like in the 3D space. We go through different design phases for each project. Depending on the complexity of the project, it can take a couple of years until the final design is issued for construction. But it’s so rewarding when you do get that final design and the client is happy.”

One of Emilie’s career highlights was her role in designing a process plant for a gold mine in New South Wales.

“The company had an existing gold mine and wanted to go underground. So, we needed to modify the process plant to ensure it could handle the underground ore. I was fortunate enough to be able to go on-site just before COVID-19 hit. It was really exciting! Knowing your design is going to come to life as an actual structure gives you that real sense of accomplishment.”

Growing and winning - together

Emilie relishes seeing the visible impact of her work. But most of all, she values being part of a team where everyone helps each other succeed. And despite her young age, Emilie receives the same amount of respect as everyone else on her team.

“I work alongside some very senior people, so I’m learning all the time. But there’s no question about whether people value your place in the team. Calibre makes it clear they appreciate the effort we put in. As a young person, it’s wonderful to work in a no-stupid-questions environment! We’re encouraged to share our ideas. They say team work makes the dream work, and it’s very true. I have fantastic people on my team; I love working with them.”

Inspired by the people-focused leaders around her, Emilie plans to continue growing in her role while expanding her own leadership skills. And in her characteristic can-do style, she says she’s open to any opportunity that comes her way.

“I’m still at the start of my career, so I always say to my team, ‘Whatever I don’t understand, I try to make up for it in effort!’ I don’t have the experience everyone else has yet, but I have a full-steam-ahead spirit. And that’s valued here.”

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