Deborah Curd

Business Unit Leader – Structures

My Story

Senior Structural Engineer Deborah Curd was born and raised in Ireland, but her love of buildings and capabilities in design has taken her all over the world. Now having married a Kiwi, she’s settled in New Zealand and has joined the Calibre team in Christchurch. One year in, she’s feeling the buzz that comes with growth.

“Reputation, recommendations and past experience are how most clients choose a service provider and how I believe people choose a new company to work for. Having met the Calibre team prior to receiving and accepting the offer I believe Calibre has what it takes to be a great work environment and deliver successful projects.

“Calibre is growing and everyone’s really excited about the directions we’re going. It’s nice to be in the team at this lovely stage. They have the skills and ability, goals and visions all set up. I’m excited to get out there and help Calibre hit the market. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to show what they’re good at.”

On even the toughest days Deb is motivated to ensure each project she’s working on succeeds. As a born leader, she’s driven to push herself and to help her team members achieve their very best.

“For me, it’s always about aiming to better yourself. You’ve got to have a goal and do what you can on a daily basis to get there.

“As a leader and mentor, one of the challenges for me is to make everyone realise their potential. When you know they can do more, when you know what they can achieve, it’s a matter of getting them to that point.

“I am passionate about encouraging staff to actively participate in continual professional development. Whether through networking events, property council, thinking outside the square, looking more into the architectural side of things – it’s not just about technical capabilities. The Young Professionals Group, for example, is a great opportunity that’s at their fingertips.”

For Deb communication and collaboration really are the keys to success. She’s observed in Calibre an environment that cultivates both and is excited to see where the industry goes as it begins to do the same.

“My first impression was the great open communication within the smaller team and wider office sectors. We have weekly structural team meetings and also combined sector meetings that give us an overview of the Christchurch, New Zealand and Australian markets.

“I arrived in Christchurch after the earthquake and it seems there’s huge collaboration not only internally within teams but across the industry as a whole. Necessity breeds invention but also collaboration! Communication is the key and it means not seeing our peers as competitors but collaborators.

“I think communication across the world is so much easier. Everyone is more accessible, which means exciting things are in store for the industry.

“It's believed that ‘Innovation really only lasts about six months. Relationships built on good advice and communication last a lot longer’. Fortunately, I think that’s where we’re at right now.”

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