Brian McGuinness

State Manager – NSW Diona

My Story

Brian McGuinness sees himself as very good at planning and organising things, as well as being a great communicator. No doubt, such qualities are what make him an excellent project manager.

Brian, who has been with Diona for more than five years, started with the company as an eager junior engineer; however, his people skills and natural proclivity for organisation, along with his industrious work ethic, saw him quickly progress to state manager.

For Brian, it’s the variety in work and the inherent problem solving across the different projects he helps to deliver that has motivated and satisfied him most during his time at Diona.

“You’re constantly challenged at Diona. No day’s ever going to be the same. There’s never an easy job; and it seems we usually get the trickier ones!

“I believe it’s good for everyone that you’re challenged. I think you perform better when you’re a bit more under pressure. Personally I like to be challenged; it definitely makes me feel more satisfied with work.

“Some of the exciting projects are the deep sewer projects, up to 16m deep, and just technically challenging for the operators and for the whole team to be planning and organising the job.”

As a state manager, Brian views openness, reliability and consistency as key to delivering great results.

“You could sum it up as transparency being one of our main core values. We’re very transparent with the crews and with the client. Anytime we say what we’re going to achieve, we achieve it on time and on budget.

“So we’re always open with the client and it makes life a lot easier for everyone when you clearly say you’re going to do something and how you’re going to do it. I think it’s pretty easy to go and do a job when everyone understands what you’re about.”

Apart from the challenging, rewarding project work, the team-oriented culture at Diona also plays a significant role in Brian’s enjoyment of and commitment to his work.

“Diona has more of a family culture. So everyone is treated equally throughout the whole team. People speak to others the way they’d like to be spoken to themselves, and right from the beginning teamwork, is built into everyone.

“It’s a very good environment both in the office and out on site. We’re all working towards the one goal, and we’re all highly motivated, enthusiastic, passionate people, which I believe is very important and is what makes work so enjoyable.”

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