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Geothermal Air Conditioning with Calibre’s Robert Saunders

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Robert Saunders is an advocate of clean technologies. He leads Calibre’s Renewables team who have worked across many school air conditioning projects where energy efficiency and impact on the environment have been key considerations.

Robert believes geothermal air conditioning is the solution all schools must consider. Here, he shares the questions he is most frequently asked about the innovative technology that Calibre is harnessing to air condition classrooms in Brisbane and beyond.

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When Business Manger Kym Schultz embarked on a project to air condition classrooms at Saint Mary’s Catholic College, she engaged an industry partner in Calibre’s Robert Saunders whose expert set of eyes helped her turn the insurmountable into the achievable.

To learn more about Kym’s experience working with Calibre, watch this video.

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Robert Saunders, Building Services & Renewables Leader

Robert Saunders

Building Services & Renewables Leader

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Mark Langdon, Business Unit Leader - Sustainability Solutions

Mark Langdon

Business Unit Leader - Sustainability Solutions

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