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Ryan Howe, Senior Project Manager, shares his experience working in Calibre over the past decade.

Calibre Group Completes Refinancing - Enabled to Thrive

CALIBRE Group is expanding its reach and impact as a strong challenger in the Australian and New Zealand infrastructure market, securing a new $130 million finance package and signalling the completion of its debt refinancing process.

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As a business, we are supportive of the vaccine program and our Executives and Leaders have rolled up their sleeves to do ‘their bit’.

Let’s talk about pay equity

Gender Equality and Pay In 2020 Calibre Diona’s CEO & Managing Director, Peter Massey asked me to conduct a gender pay analysis with an emphasis on our Leadership Levels. Whilst this is something that we do every year as part of our Pay for Performance review, this year I decided to go one step further and conducted an extensive standalone workplace gender pay quality review using our company data benchmarked to industry.

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Alison Ross shares her perspective of being female within the mining industry and her journey so far.