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Ryan Howe, Senior Project Manager, shares his experience working in Calibre over the past decade.

A Bright Future: Why Jonathan Ejembi is Proud to Deliver Cutting-Edge Projects

Jonathan Ejembi came on board with Calibe as an eager Civil Engineer. His first rail project inspired him to delve into all that Calibre has to offer, and now, he has evolved into a skilled Flood Modeler. The diversity of projects and a caring team keep Jonathan excited about his future, and we’re thrilled he chose us to continue his story.

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Is wastewater the key to a new energy economy?

In this article, David Middleton, General Manager - Water, Energy & Power for Calibre and Robert Saunders, General Manager - Sevengen, discuss the pathway for water utilities to become green energy power generators.

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Make great projects work, and realise your best career, here with us at Calibre.

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