Calibre is a diversified professional services, construction and maintenance specialist turning knowledge into value across multiple industry sectors and geographies.
Why Calibre

Ryan Eales

Calibre’s commitment in the new normal of COVID-19

In March, Calibre – like most businesses in Australia and New Zealand – had to quickly pivot to working and delivering projects during a global pandemic. One of our core values, namely We care for people’s wellbeing, has been and continues to be, at the heart of our decision making. Our priority remains keeping our people and communities safe, delivering for our clients, and focusing on economic recovery.

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Rapid Growth Project (RGP) 5 – Communications and Rail Systems

How Wave Energy is Powering a Revolution in Clean Electricity

This Wave Swell Energy solution is set to assume its place as part of a global solution to address the effects of climate change, using predictable and reliable wave energy.

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What is an Oscillating Water Column?