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Food security is well and truly on the political and economic agenda.

And with the world’s ever-increasing population, combined with the rise of the middle class in developing nations of China, India, Indonesia and Brazil, agribusiness is poised to become big business, both locally and globally.

At Calibre we believe this will only be financially viable by ensuring robust and efficient infrastructure and innovative use of technology.

Both regulators and consumers are demanding higher quality, safe products, and are concerned with the activity at all steps of the production chain. At the same time, those charged with production must ensure the supply chain works reliably, transparently, and in a sustainable manner.

A multidisciplinary approach for integrated solutions

We offer multidisciplinary expertise to support Agribusiness. Whether you are looking to establish a commercial farming operation, or undertake capital upgrades, our integrated approach starts with feasibility studies, planning, infrastructure design, and multi-disciplinary engineering, through to construction, maintenance and optimisation, and/or decommissioning.

Early adoption equals market leadership

If you want to find smarter (profitable) ways to operate, our technology specialists help shape new operations or integrate appropriate solutions.

Think automation.
Think communications.
The transformative possibilities are mind boggling.

Calibre teams’ partner with you to deliver practical, fit for purpose solutions. We understand the volatility of the market and focus on low cost, sustainable outcomes that can help your business leverage current and emerging market opportunities.

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