Corporate Governance

Calibre’s corporate governance policies and practises are aligned to best practice for unlisted public companies.

Our corporate governance structure provides a framework of rules, relationships and processes by which authority is exercised and controlled in the Calibre Group. It encompasses the mechanisms by which we are held to account, act responsibly and in the best interest of all our stakeholders.

The Board and management of Calibre believe that, for the Company to achieve its vision of becoming a leading diversified, global engineering, project delivery and asset management services provider, it is necessary for us to meet the highest standards of corporate governance and business conduct across its operations.

In understanding and promoting good governance, Calibre has in place Corporate Governance Charters and Policies to underpin our commitment to effective governance and covers all of the elements that constitute good Corporate Governance.

Corporate Governance Statement Constitution for Calibre Group


Tara Dennis

General Counsel and Company Secretary

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