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One would think that Australia, land of sun, would be at the forefront of utilising renewable energy such as solar. And with virtually any external building surface being usable to generate solar energy, thanks to building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), there’s really no limit to the solar energy our country could produce.

Less than 50% of Australian businesses, however, have taken up renewable energy, and of those, two-thirds use it for only one-tenth of their energy needs.

Lost term savings and improved ROI over traditional energy infrastructure seem like they should be compelling enough reasons to make use of renewable energy. Technological advances, however, are also reducing costs of the equipment used, which means that ultimately, the formerly cost-prohibitive nature of the switch to renewables is less of a hurdle than ever.

An audit of a business’ energy use, with a focus on how solar and other renewables can be integrated in order to lower long-term energy costs, is an efficient and low-cost way to understand what is possible. To get a copy of the Calibre Renewables white paper entitled ‘xx xxx xxx’, and to speak our leader in this field about the possibilities available to your business, please click here. 

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