Calibre is a diversified professional services, construction and maintenance specialist turning knowledge into value across multiple industry sectors and geographies.
Why Calibre

Is Sydney ready to accommodate another 1.7 million people by 2036?

For Reece Stichter (Principal Engineer at Calibre) being part of the design, planning, engineering and construction of The Hills of Carmel, one of Sydney's newest suburbs - represents a positive solution to the looming population crush.

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Changi General Hospital

An Intelligent Future for Industry

​Developments within the transport industry have recently caused some operators to question existing job descriptions, and how employees will adapt to changing technology and the inevitable shift to automation. But what does that mean for business now, and who are the people who can help ease the introduction of new technologies along the way?

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Matt Coleman, Executive General Manager - Advisory & Innovation and Sector Leader - Technologies, explains what Managed Services is, and the value it brings to our clients.