Taichung Coal Handling Plant and Raw Material Handling System

Nippon Conveyor Co. and Dragon Steel Corporation

Taichung, Taiwan

Calibre provided engineering services for the coal handling plant and raw material handling system (RMHS) for a new steel mill plant with annual production of two million tonne. Our team delivered the design for the conveyor system for Stage 2 – Phase 1 of the coal handling plant and RMHS, including transfer towers and gallery frameworks.

Coal Handling Plant

The new steel mill plant includes:

  • Receiving line from berth to open stock yard
  • Discharging line from open stock yard to blast furnace and other plant
  • Approximately 15km of belt conveyors
  • Junction tower, crushing plant, sampling plant
  • Equipment and facilities for safety and stable operation.

The key challenge for our team was to consider different loading requirements and the various combinations both during operation and during maintenance.