Singleton Town Centre Revitalisation

Singleton Council

Singleton, New South Wales, Australia

Singleton Council set out a plan to revitalise the Town Centre to maintain its current trading capacity and to ensure the community continues to support the local businesses.

John Street, which hosts the Singleton Town Centre, is not only the centre of Singleton, but also the commercial hub of the Upper Hunter Region. Minimising community and traffic disruption during the works was a key consideration during construction.

As a result of impeccable planning, focus on quality and detailed inspections and tests, the constructed works exceeded the Council’s expectations.

Works included:

  • Demolition of over 1.5km existing kerb and gutter, plus more than 7,000m2 existing pedestrian pavement
  • 750m new stormwater drainage pipes ranging in size from 100mm to 375mm
  • 48 in-situ stormwater pits
  • Over 4km of conduits (street lighting, communications plus spare power supply conduits)
  • 1.2km of new concrete gutter
  • 1.6km of special cut bluestone kerbs
  • More than 7,000m2 various new pedestrian pavement (consisting of various stone materials)
  • 800m2 of vehicular trafficked ‘raised cobble crossings’