Shoalwater Bay / Townshend Island Military Training Area

Australian Defence Force

Shoalwater Bay & Townshend Island, North Queensland, Australia

The Australian Defence Force consulted Calibre for an erosion, remediation, mitigation and revegetation investigation report within a remote military training area located on Townshend Island, within the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (4,545 km²), in Queensland.

The project involved investigation and design:

  • Aerial & on-ground site inspection
  • Data collection via DGPS and GPS cameras
  • Qualification and quantification of erosion, remediation, mitigation & revegetation measures
  • Opinion of cost for budgetary purposes

Our team also provided services in support of Exercise Wallaby. The team led the site inspection and data collection process, which required a report on the wear and damages to roads and pavements. Exercise Wallaby is an annual event conducted in the Shoalwater Bay Training Area.