Hope Downs Cyclone Underflow Pipeline & Grindmesh Alterations

Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Hope Downs 4 Mine, Western Australia, Australia

The existing poly elbows of the cyclone underflow units as Hope Downs 4 were constantly failing. G&S Engineering were awarded a lump sum contract to install new ceramic lined cast pipe elbows to the units.

Additionally, G&S modified the existing infrastructure to fit larger elbows and ensure ease of future maintenance and repair.


Scope included relocation of valves and associated electric works, specifically:

  • Installation of 16 replacement ceramic process piping elbows (250NB).
  • Poly welding flange stubs onto existing HDPE piping to suit bolting to new ceramic elbows.
  • Modification of pipe supports and grid mesh openings to suit new piping arrangement.