Flood Recovery, Ensham Mine

Ensham Resources Pty Ltd

Ensham Mine, Queensland, Australia

After the February 2008 floods which devastated the Emerald township and swamped the Ensham Mine, G&S Engineering, as the primary contractor, undertook the mammoth task of recovering and restoring Dragline 01 (DL01) and pumping water from mine pits. 

This was a significant project due to the innovations that were demonstrated to recover the machine after it was submerged by flooding. Works included walking DL01 from the pit to the shutdown pad using power and control hardwired from DL03.                                                                                                                             

The contract saw G&S:

  • Install pumps, barges and pipes (including pipe fabrication) to remove flood water from mine pits.
  • Maintain pumping equipment, monitor and relocate.
  • Remove pumps, barges and equipment once flood water was removed.

The project included a full electrical and mechanical refurbishment and commissioning of submerged machinery. Pump crews were also onsite until mid-2009 pumping out water from the flooded pit.