Dragline 17 Major Shutdown

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)

Caval Ridge Mine, Queensland, Australia

G&S Engineering undertook the major shutdown of Dragline 17 at Caval Ridge Mine. Major works included the Circular Diaphragm (CD) replacement, significant boom repairs and upgrades, all motion equipment overhauls, and electrical control system upgrades.

Streamlining site management

This project was the largest undertaking in which G&S utilised its innovative Coal Mine Operator (CMO) arrangement for the execution of a major Dragline shutdown.

Under the CMO G&S has the responsibility of full site management, including directly employing the Site Senior Executive and Electrical Engineering Manager and operating under the G&S Health and Safety Management System that is tailored to specific material risks on rebuilds.

Benefits to this streamlined management system include rapid onboarding and response times, reduced induction durations, and an effective authorisation process.


The innovative CMO arrangement contributed to this project being completed $400K under budget, eight days ahead of schedule and with 127,000 hours recordable injury free.  BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) carried out an independent ‘Tool Time’ study which found G&S productivity to be well above the BHP Billiton target. These results were recognised when G&S was awarded the BMA Monthly Champion Safety Volume and Cost Recognition Award. This project also achieved the Safety Foremost Award at the Resources Industry Network 2015 Chairman Awards in May 2015.


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