Villa Green Pty Ltd

Greenbank, Queensland

The Covella site is within the Greater Flagstone PDA and required significant negotiations with EDQ & Logan Water Alliance to determine the servicing strategies for the site. Calibre successfully negotiated an outcome for servicing the development for water and sewerage as well as a stormwater management plan to ensure minimum storage requirements and a combination of bio-pods and end of line treatment devices to treat water within the confined spaces of the site.

Sewerage servicing required obtaining a tankering agreement with Logan City Council to manage stored effluent by pumping and disposing off-site until such time that Logan Water Alliance complete the external infrastructure required to service the development and the development constructs the pump station & rising main network.  Significant water connections required external to site including PRV’s, flowmeters & booster pumps to adequately service the sites varying topography and avoid duplicating mains throughout the development.

The scope of services provided includes; masterplan reporting, detailed design for civil infrastructure for both subdivisional and trunk services and construction administration services including coordinating other external consultants. When complete, Covella will have 1,502 lots.