Auckland Airport Park & Ride Facility

Auckland International Airport

Auckland, New Zealand

The ‘Park & Ride’ facility at Auckland Airport provides high quality, secure, long-term parking just north of the airport. The first stage catered for 700 car park spaces with room to double capacity in the future. The design included a contemporary customer waiting lounge where a 24 hour free shuttle service connects passengers to the two airport terminals. A high level of security is provided, making it a premium car park facility.

Calibre provided all site investigation, feasibility, design, consenting and contract administration for the project. With proposed flight path height restrictions, the facility provides a suitable and productive use for a site with such limitations.

Developing the platform at the greenfields site involved 170,000m3 of bulk earthworks. Extensive underground services and drainage reticulation lines were installed, followed by 27,000m2 of paving to complete the first stage of the car park.

The project also involved structural design and construction project management for the waiting lounge building, widening of the adjacent Verissimo Drive, along with stormwater treatment in vegetated swales and a large stormwater filtration treatment system.

With the expectation that demand for parking would increase in the future, economy of scale was achieved by carrying out the ground works and infrastructure installation for future stages at the same time as the original contract works.





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