ATCO Factory & Headquarters

Cottee Parker Architects and ATCO Structures & Logistics

Kwinana, Western Australia, Australia

Calibre provided detailed civil and structural engineering design for the new factory and headquarters facility, as well as construction phase verification.This included a 16,000m2 factory and two-storey office complex, as well as a 3,500m2 workshop and office building.

Early involvement and collaboration through BIM was key to the successful, cost-effective delivery of this project, along with clash detection and coordination tools in REVIT. This helped to achieve a federated model that benefited the construction of the building as well as the operational lifecycle.

A challenge for our team was to deliver a structural design that would accommodate overhead travelling cranes and heavy forklift loads. Solutions included using fibre reinforced concrete in the floor design, which reduced the slab thickness, reduced reinforcement and labour requirements, and increased joint spacing which reduced the maintenance requirements of the facility once operational. 

Civil works included over 20,000m2 of segmented hardstand interlocking pavers suitable for 25t capacity forklifts. This cost-effective design minimised the number of joints, reduced maintenance costs and allowed for up-front cost savings compared to conventional construction of concrete pavements.