Airborne Training Facility (ATF)

Defence Science and Technology Agency


The Airborne Training Facility (ATF) employs state-of-the-art technology to enhance realism, effectiveness and efficiency in airborne training in a safe environment. Containing both the Parachuting Training Facility (PTF) and the Rappelling Training Facility (RTF), it serves as an all-weather, one-stop indoor training facility.

The ATF is used by all commando training schools, as well as operational units from the Commando Formation. While similar facilities exist in other military establishments, they are typically outdoors and are single-use apparatuses.

Calibre provided structural engineering and project management services for the facility which was successfully delivered within a five-year timeframe.

Complete and realistic simulation

The automated PTF system provides a complete and realistic simulation of aircraft exit to landing experience, including flight time, landing and ground drag. The system involves 200m monorail-like track and includes the ability to simulate different emergency scenarios. Trainees can exit from a height of 11.2m and practice various flight drills before landing, which is similar to the time taken to land from 1,000ft in a live jump.

The RTF apparatus provides training for airborne canopy control, reserve procedures, flight, twist and landing emergencies both with and without equipment and weapons. It boasts an indoor segment which includes a black-out function so that night training can be conducted during daytime.

Project highlights include:

  • 22 metre free-standing slender column to support gigantic space frame
  • 200 metre monorail-like track
  • Each stage of training is integrated to simulate a complete and realistic aircraft exit to land experience