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Across the resourcesenergymanufacturing and industrial, and utilitiesmarkets, our teams are industry leaders in improving and optimising performance for fixed and mobile plants, and civil, structural, mechanical, systems and electrical based infrastructure.

Responsive and timely service

Strategically placed in regional locations to support your operations, our dedicated maintenance teams provide permanent and responsive maintenance services. In addition to local maintenance teams, our crews also relocate to provide major shutdown services.

Our on-site capabilities are supported by off-site centres providing mechanicalelectrical and manufacturing services. We offer particular expertise supporting surface and underground operations, with extensive experience in major and minor overhauls, repairs and upgrades for various industry equipment including processing plants, draglines, longwall and development equipment, bulk materials handling equipment, and heavy mobile equipment (HME).

Accelerating operations with technology

Calibre’s Technologies division has a long history optimising plant performance through innovative technology solutions and improved control techniques. Our team was the first to implement a theory of constraints based automation system with iron ore – in other words, we optimise the process conditions by resolving plant bottlenecks and remove constraints.

In another example, Calibre worked with the client to gain up to 28% improvement in plant performance (approximately 19 Mtpa) by improving control techniques in conjunction with minor physical plant changes.

A key partner

Our approach is to collaborate closely with clients to identify, solve and execute solutions for the most challenging production and maintenance issues with a focus on greater return on assets through lower capital investment, high efficiency and high output outcomes.

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