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From the Pilbara to the Bowen Basin, Calibre and its subsidiary companies, have played a significant role in the success of mining in Australia for more than twenty years. From large-scale design and construction of new mines to machinery overhauls, we have assisted some of the world’s leading mining and resource companies achieve successful operations.

We work with exploration and mining companies (from global mining houses to emerging producers and developers), financial institutions, investment groups and major contractors to optimise their resource potential.

We understand the increased demands facing the bulk commodity industry to minimise cost while increasing productivity and output. That is why we take a personal approach to every project and partner with clients to achieve long-term goals, adding value and (ideally) exceeding expectations every step of the way.

From pit to port

We offer a complete life-of-project solution that encompasses structural, mechanical, electrical, piping, manufacturing, engineering and design disciplines, along with the ability to deliver all process and non-process infrastructure, plant and equipment for surface and underground mining operations. 

Sound like a ‘one-stop-shop’? It is. 

For asset owners or JV operators, our pit to port service offering results in a streamlined and more transparent delivery of services.  

In addition to onsite services, we are equipped to provide comprehensive structural, mechanical and electrical manufacturing and overhaul services through our workshop facilities.

G&S Engineering, part of Calibre’s maintenance and construction division, is a leader in dragline component manufacture, maintenance and commissioning, having carried out over 2 million man-hours on shutdowns in the last five years, and since 2009 completed over 150 shutdown contracts.

Bringing technology to the coalface

Calibre’s technologies team is a leading provider of operational technology solutions to the mining sector. We have provided significant works from complete site automation and communications through to remote operations centres and optimisation works. 

We have delivered technology upgrades and digitisation for visualisation systems, server infrastructure, virtual machines, hardened networks, digital radio, camp systems and access control and workforce management. We have delivered automated rail systems, driver assist, direct locomotive control, ECP braking and other critical heavy hail rail technology solutions.

It’s fair to say we are very proud of the work we have delivered in partnership with clients.  We like to think of ourselves as one of your extended family (but the ones you like catching up with). 

Integrated operations

Our technologies specialists provide remote support to your operational staff and facilities through integrated operations centres. Drawing on autonomy, automation and communication systems, integrated operations centres bring together all the data from your operations across multiple regions into one place. 

This methodology provides the ability to coordinate and streamline operations, improving safety and efficiency while minimising the need for local field support and management, and reducing resource and energy consumption.

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