Transforming Oran Park

Enrique Franco, Calibre's Design Office Manager - Urban Development Projects, is proud to be an integral part of one of Australia's largest developments.

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Sir John Kirwan Foundation named as Calibre’s corporate charity

The Sir John Kirwan Foundation was established to support young Kiwis by reducing the negative impact that unidentified and unsupported mental health issues have on them. The Foundation’s focus is to build a programme that educates young Kiwis around all aspects of mental health so they will be well positioned to recognise and positively deal with life when it gets tough. By giving young people the skills and information to recognise and understand their own mental health, they can talk about, manage and maintain it and help others to do the same.

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Totalspan Supplier of the Year 2019

Calibre has been awarded the Totalspan Supplier of the Year for 2019. Gregg Somerville, Totalspan’s General Manager, presented Calibre's John McCurran with this well-deserved award.

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Calibre Goes Solar

Calibre has taken another significant step forward into the fast-growing Renewables sector, securing an Engineering Feasibility Study with Komipo a South Korean power company

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Calibre Connects to Country

Amongst the Pilbara in Western Australia lay many hidden treasures. It is a region that covers an area of about half a million square kilometres that is not only rich in resources but rich in Indigenous culture and heritage.

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Building Better Communities - One Family at a Time

​When it comes to taking pride in your work, Calibre Engineer’s, Liam Robertson and Joshua Joseph from the Canberra office have taken it to another level. They, along with their partners have become the proud homeowners in the Calibre engineered suburb of Denman Prospect! 

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