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Rachel Harrison

Wooden it be nice?

Save money. Save time. Save the environment. These are among the benefits of light timber-frame construction. So why has New Zealand — known for its have-a-go attitude — been so slow to embrace the technique for mid-rise buildings? Four and five-storey apartment blocks with light timber frames are commonplace around the world, including in the UK, Canada and the US. Among the significant benefits touted are cost savings on structures of up to 20 per cent. New Zealand is facing a housing crisis, but has shied away from using light-weight timber frames, despite their prolific use overseas, including on affordable mid-rise apartments and social housing units. We ask Calibre’s Sean Gardiner (New Zealand Structures Sector Leader) to tell us why.

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Hobsonville Point

Using Biophilic Design To Integrate Water Sensitive Design With Land Development

Biophilic design can help inform how stormwater is managed in an integrated manner, and how it can be visually presented to develop attractive urban spaces within residential and commercial areas. Find out more by reading the research paper by Brendan Oversby.

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Urban regeneration of a former Airforce Base.