Building Better Communities - One Family at a Time

Building Better Communities - One Family at a Time

Located in the growing Molonglo Valley area, Denman Prospect boasts a family friendly community incorporating the unique natural aspect of the area.

For Liam Robertson, being involved with the Community and Childcare Development next to the Denman Village Shops, as well as seeing Calibre’s involvement during design, was a big selling point for his choice to move into the area. Liam sees the benefits of living in Denman Prospect as “its proximity to the new Denman Village Shops with a conveniently located IGA and great café, while also being close to the Canberra CBD, nice bushland and Stromlo Forest Park.”

Joshua Joseph, who moved to Canberra in 2017, became involved soon after joining Calibre in the Estate Development Plan changes along with the detailed design for Denman Prospect. It was this involvement that led Joshua to the decision to live in Denman Prospect. “After being involved with the development, knowing the high quality finishes being implemented in the suburb and knowing that the same developer was constructing the Denman Village Shops and residences made me very confident in the purchase… And when you see that view, as well as future development in front of you, how can you say no! Being close to Civic while also having nature at your doorstep was a huge motivator. The eventual plans to have the Molonglo town centre a few hundred metres away also seemed to make this a good longer term investment.”

When asked if knowing that Calibre was involved influenced their choices to live in the area, Liam replied “Yes for sure, particularly our involvement in the design of the Denman Village Shops and having a good understanding of the future plans for the development and surrounding areas was a big selling point.”

Joshua agreed, adding “Absolutely. Being confident that the civil design, being the literal bedrock that the village is built on was properly designed was a big deciding factor”.

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