Economic & Social Benefits Through Renewables

Economic & Social Benefits Through Renewables

Renewables, much like innovation, is a buzz word of modern industry which is shaping the way we approach new and existing infrastructure. With a significant amount of global interest in finding cleaner ways of doing business, the pressure is on to meet targets and provide solutions that offer a long-term benefit to our environment.
“We are passionate advocates of sustainability and don’t think in terms of standard solutions – we prefer thinking in terms of what is the best solution for the client using available technology”, says Building Services & Renewables Leader, Robert Saunders. “There is considerable pressure on government, industry and large property portfolio owners to embrace clean technology and to align with the national strategy and the wider international community”.

In the first-ever Renewable Energy Index report, it showed that current renewable sources of energy generated enough power in Australia to ‘keep the lights on’ across 8.2 million homes for a month. Now more than ever, renewable energy is considered a substantial source of power, and with trends globally moving towards renewable solutions, Australian businesses are looking to improve not only their bottom line but also their social and environmental responsibilities.

“The implementation of renewables across Australia will help meet the Paris Climate Accord targets and mitigate risk to Australia in terms of energy provision, whilst keeping the nation at the forefront of clean technology”, says Robert, who has recently secured a Solar Feasibility Study for Mercy Community Services’ Aged Care network. “We are working on providing engineered solutions for maximising solar yield and clean energy funding options including the proposed design of a tier one Solar Photovoltaic system”.
More Australian businesses are considering the cost benefits of switching their facilities to a more environmentally friendly energy solution. “Our team is providing the background and solutions for the businesses to make the best decision moving forward. We don’t only design; we look at capital cost, return on investment and overall feasibility”.
Converting existing operations into a cleaner way of doing business can seem daunting, however, according to Robert decisions to consider energy alternatives are becoming mainstream financial decisions. Find out how Calibre can challenge the way you see the future.

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