World Outdoor Tug of War Championships

World Outdoor Tug of War Championships

The Tug of War International Federation (TWIF) are pushing hard to get the ancient sport back on the list of events at the Olympics. When you see the fitness and endurance levels of the top teams it surely justifies inclusion as a top amateur sport.

At the recent World Outdoor Tug of War Championships held in Sweden, the Australian team finished a respectable 17th in its category. With more than 25 countries competing, there was a very high standard at the event as the top six countries would be selected to compete at the World Games in Poland in 2017.

With Diona’s generous sponsorship the Australia team, which consisted of members from clubs all over Australia, were stylishly kitted out for the two-day event. The Brisbane-based Na Fianna club team, which is predominantly made up of Diona workers, was represented by Eamon Fitzpatrick, Jackson Johnston and Brian Mimnagh.

The Na Fianna club team will be back training in early 2017.

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