Ryan Eales

Senior Projects Engineer – Calibre

My Story

From building blocks to building roads and railways, Ryan Eales always knew he would be a Civil Engineer. What was an interest and joy as a child has turned into a successful career as an adult.

Recognised for his outstanding achievement as a young engineer, in 2015 Ryan was named Western Australian Young Professional Engineer of the Year by Engineers Australia.

“Just to be nominated was a great opportunity to reflect on my career to date and realise that I really love what I do. I enjoy the challenge of working alongside likeminded individuals to solve a real life problem and to deliver an outcome which makes a difference to our community. I also actively seek out opportunities to expand my skillset both at work and in extracurricular activities such as in my role as Chairman of Young Engineers Western Australia for 2017.”

Every day, Ryan focuses on the contribution he can make to the wider organisation, as well as challenging himself to extend his capabilities and outputs. He attributes his successes to being a good leader and taking the time to understand the people around him.

“I believe understanding the people who you are leading is the key to successful leadership. Everyone is different, and you can’t just apply the same techniques across the board. Get to know the people you work with, understand what drives them to be better in the workplace and what motivates them to succeed, then harness that information to bring the team together.”

In Ryan’s current position as a Senior Project Engineer, he is responsible for managing the bulk earthworks contracts for two major projects, a role which has seen him involved in varying ways across the project lifecycle.

“This role varies throughout the lifecycle of the project. During the design phase I am required to provide constructability review and design input to ensure what is designed on paper can be translated into the field. Through the procurement phase I am required to clearly define the scope, competitively tender the package of works, review and award the construction contracts. Lastly, during construction, I am responsible for managing the contract to ensure the contractor delivers the scope of works as defined.”

Ryan’s transition to Calibre was driven by a desire to expand his skill sets and develop himself as a well-rounded professional engineer. He attributes opportunities in the future to a dynamic and collaborative Calibre culture.

“The key driver for me moving to Calibre was the opportunity to expand on my existing construction skill set and complement it with some engineering design experience. I am excited to see Calibre come together, utilising the strengths of each business unit, to deliver unique solutions to both our existing and new clients.”

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