Reece Stichter

Principal Engineer

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Reece Stichter, Principal Engineer - Urban Development, has been with the company since he started his career almost 19 years ago as an undergraduate designer studying and working part-time. He has watched the business expand and evolve while also pushing his own boundaries to now manage six staff directly and up to 20 staff indirectly.

“Through my journey from a junior designer to a senior engineer and project manager, I’ve had the great opportunity to develop a broad range of skills and to work across a diverse range of projects. In addition to being able to see the tangible, physical outcome of my hard work, what I really enjoy about my role is that there’s a fair bit of variety.

“A lot of my time is spent doing client management and providing technical supervision lead, as well as determining priorities and deadlines and understanding the financial performance of each project. I spend most of my time in the office but also have the occasion to go out into site. There’s any number of different opportunities on a day to day basis.”

As someone who “doesn’t like to fail”, it has been important to Reece to work in an environment where he can prosper and achieve the goals he sets out to.

“I’m motivated every day to become a well-respected partner in the industry. The size of Calibre has meant that I have the chance to engage more personally with clients and develop close working relationships with them.

“One of the benefits of working at Calibre is the exposure and access to a variety of skillsets and knowledge. We’ve got a good range of expertise which helps with the overall business and winning clients. Everyone is seen as a key part of the business. I always recognise that both my and Calibre’s reputation will determine our future business with key clients.”

Throughout his career, Reece is happy with the opportunities he’s encountered at Calibre. For him, the culture of excellence and continual growth promoted at Calibre has been key in helping him to succeed.

“Whether it’s learning how to better manage and develop client partnerships, enhancing technical knowledge or improving professional skills like time management and organisation, upskilling and continual development is really valued here. It’s something that’s always been great throughout my career.

“I have completing the Professional Development Program (PDP) through Engineers Australia, which helped me to reflect on what I have done and achieved through the years. When I look back I can see how I’ve developed professionally and personally during my time with Calibre.

“The great thing is that a large part of what I do now is mentoring and leading, passing on skills I’ve learned over the past 17 years. There’s a lot of satisfaction in this. The focus on mentoring at Calibre is a real positive, because once you get the support of your mentors you become more confident in your decisions. When you prove yourself you can back yourself.”

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