Kimberly Matheson

Contract Coordinator – G&S Engineering

My Story

Kim Matheson has been with G&S for almost a decade. Starting out when she was still in her teens, Kim’s held a number of different roles within the business, progressively taking on more and more responsibility and always rising to the challenge.

“My first role was HR Advisor, which was very operational. Because I was working within such a small team, I was involved in a bit of everything, from admin support through to HR investigations, coordinating teams, making sure all the necessary resources were in place. I then moved into an Operations Coordinator role, which involved similar work but with a greater focus on implementing the processes for delivering our work, and on our financial and commercial performance. In this role I had the chance to be involved in early negotiations with clients.

“As Project Controls Manager I provided controls and commercial support to our R&I East teams across Queensland. It involved divisional reporting and managing the Accounts Receivable function. But next year I’ll be moving into a new role as the Contract Coordinator for the G&S maintenance contract at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal. While it’s a change in direction from Project Controls, it’s somewhat back to my roots.”

Despite the varied nature of the positions she’s taken on, for Kim the progression has been very organic, made possible through willing mentors and solid support from management.

“A lot of it has come down to learning from the people around me. My confidence has increased and I’ve learnt that I can go into a situation and adapt to it and add value.

“G&S also gave me the opportunity to study during my time here, and were exceptionally supportive and flexible. Since then I’ve worked with some incredibly talented managers who’ve taken an interest in my career and coached and mentored me through the various roles I’ve had with the company.

“My managers have been proactive and supportive, and they’ve modelled good leadership for me. They’ve taken the time to find out what I love and what I’m about and done everything they can to help me and get me more involved in the business.”

And what Kim loves is just that – being involved, helping teams to perform their best, and working with clients to see projects succeed. Kim knows this is the right industry for her, and can trace back two key moments that really cemented her direction.

“The first was when I was working as the Ops Coordinator and a client asked me to pull together a project. I had worked with this client often and he had asked me to be involved in this particular project. He told me that he trusted me to get the job organised. It was a key client and a project that was important to him, so to have a client have faith in me helped me understand the value we were there to give.

“I also remember one of the first contract negotiations I was involved with. I was sitting across from the client and I realised there were really no differences between us. We’re partners, working together to achieve the same goal. Collaboration is something we do well at G&S and it’s exciting and rewarding to be part of that.”

As for her new role out at DBCT, it’s still early days but Kim is embracing the challenges of working in a very new environment, and is looking forward to the year ahead.

“It’s still pretty uncommon in G&S to see a woman in a coordinating role like this, without a trade or engineering background, working out on site. Everyone has been really supportive, it’s an exciting opportunity.”

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