Gabriela Bausson

Engineer - Water & Environment

My Story

Gabriela Bausson’s twin passions for helping others and engineering started at a very young age, which is hardly surprising – it runs in the family.

“My parents were both civil engineers, my father has worked in the water industry since he graduated more than 30 years ago and we used to go to work with them in our holidays. That’s how I developed my passion for this kind of work.”

Access to clean reliable water supply remains a problem in Gabriela’s native Venezuela. Helping to provide the much-needed infrastructure needed to ensure water supply to some of the country’s poorest people has been central to Gabriela’s father’s professional life.

It’s a social conscience that rubbed off on his daughter and her twin sister – an architect.

“I got to work with my father in very poor communities trying to give them better services, so I got to be in contact with poor people. Helping people with social problems and poor communities that’s my passion.”

After five years working on various projects including designing the prototype of an Eco-social and Sport centre to help kids in poor communities close the Venezuelan coast, Gabriela and her boyfriend realised a long-held dream to move to Australia where they could further their civil engineer careers.

“I came here four and a half years ago. I didn’t know any English so even simple things were very challenging.”
The other challenge Gabriela faced was becoming accredited to work in her chosen profession in Australia.

“My first job was as a cleaner, then looking after children, then as a waitress and then I worked in a flower shop. All that time I was studying English and filling in documents to get my degree recognised. Two months later I was blessed with a job opportunity at Calibre. It’s been amazing. They have been welcoming and supportive with my English.” 

Gabriela said that the best thing about working at Calibre was that every day was a challenge.

“The way they work, the way they do everything as a team, as a company. The culture in Calibre is one of the things that makes me feel better when I come to work. I don’t have any family here, and Calibre is like a big family. My team and other teams are super supportive of me.”

Working on interesting projects that make a difference in people’s lives is another aspect of working at Calibre that Gabriela enjoys.

“One of the most interesting project I have worked in at Calibre, was re-evaluating the storm water management plan for a development in Moreton Bay Regional Council. This was my first 1D/2D hydrological and hydraulic model, very challenging and interesting to be my first project. The solution and new design saved a lot of money for the client.

With a driving passion to use her knowledge as an engineer and a professional to make a positive a difference, Gabriela encouraged other young women to consider choosing a career in engineering.

“As women, we normally have this protective and caring sense. Many women think that engineering is just numbers and construction. However, it is so much more behind that. I feel that you can do a lot with this profession; including using your knowledge to help others and the environment.”

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