Amber Martin

Site Administrator – Calibre

My Story

An opportunity to work in remote locations and experience project development on the frontline was not something Amber Martin thought was possible when she began her career in Human Resources.

Now, early wakeup calls and high-vis are part of her daily routine.

Over the past six years, Calibre has supported Amber’s wish to diversify her skills and take opportunities outside of her traditional skillset.

“I had always wanted to experience working on site and to broaden my skill set and Calibre encouraged me to expand my experience. I was lucky enough to get a role working on the Rio Tinto AutoHaul® project. After that assignment, Calibre transferred me back to the HR team but I missed working on site and after discussions with my team and when another role became available, I was able to be transferred to my current position.

“Being able to learn different skills and move around the company has been of great value. Without my prior experience on the AutoHaul® project, the ability for me to succeed in my current role would be challenging so I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to grow.”

From Recruitment Assistant to Site Administrator, Amber now develops systems and procedures to help ensure the ease of daily operations on one of our major client’s project sites.

“I was quite lucky to begin working on the Oxbow project from the very start so I was able to set up the site office before our team arrived and re-write and implement procedures. Knowing I had a positive influence on my team is rewarding. My role is also quite varied which I enjoy. I do a lot of different things including mobilisations, travel bookings, tracking KPIs, being a source of information for all project staff and problem solving.”

Surrounded by a supportive team, Amber enjoys operating in a diverse and busy role where she finds enjoyment in helping others solve problems and providing assistance where necessary.

“I enjoy being busy and helping people so a site admin role definitely gives me satisfaction. I work on a tight timeframe; I have certain deadlines every week so that helps me to stay focused to get my work done. Everyone has bad days but I believe that the people you are surrounded by help you to overcome problems you may encounter. I work with a great group of people and they are always willing to listen and to help problem-solve if needed.”

As Calibre supports a diverse and inclusive culture, Amber describes her leadership team as open and trusting of its employees, able to communicate with their team effectively. She is looking forward to what a future looks like with a supportive team environment and the opportunity to grow with Calibre.

“I believe that our leaders are open, inclusive and trusting and in return employees want to achieve the goals set for them. Good communication, making time for us as employees and recognising achievements are all part of being a good leader.”

“I’m excited to see what other opportunities will arise in the future. I hope that I can continue working in the ‘project world’ – building relationships and learning new skills that Calibre has allowed me to do up to this point.” 

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