Adele Faraone

Cadet Engineer – Calibre

My Story

For Adele Faraone, every day at Calibre is different. Whether working on a variety of projects alongside her mentor, or talking with different people at all levels of the company, the Dream Big Scholarship Program is helping Adele to forge her way in the industry while completing her undergraduate studies.

“Combining study and work experience has meant that I get to consolidate my learning as I go. At times, I learn more in the office than I do at university! Learning how to communicate, how to be professional, is not something the university teaches, so that’s been one of benefits of the program.

“I was always told the transition from university to working is a big one, but it’s really helped that I’ve found myself in such a supportive environment. There’s a really good atmosphere at Calibre. I get to work with a variety of personalities and everyone is amazingly open to questions. I’m always able to ask for help. You won’t have anyone say no to you.

“For example, in my first week I had absolutely no idea how to use AutoCAD. I’d heard of it, but my mentor took me under their wing and led me through AutoCAD 101. By the time I went back to uni I was an AutoCAD wizard and a few steps ahead of my peers.”

For someone who had “never really thought about being an engineer”, Adele is now halfway through her Environmental Engineering course and a thriving member of the Calibre team.

“When I first started out at uni and at Calibre, I was still a little unsure. Now I love it. It’s so broad, and it’s always evolving. The skills I’m learning apply to other areas of life too, like reasoning and problem-solving… My confidence has been boosted, my communication’s improved. Although this will be ongoing, the program has really helped me to speak up and have a voice. Seeing how other people organise their tasks in order to get things done has also helped me to develop my organisational skills.

“I’ve gone from an uncertain high-school leaver to now fitting into and enjoying the office life. I go for runs with other staff at lunchtime, on coffee missions, et cetera. The fact that Calibre is not overwhelmingly large means that everyone knows each other and is super friendly and helpful. I am able to associate with staff at all levels and am given the support and attention that I need to grow.”

With a passion for benefiting society through improving the environment, Adele is looking forward to the diverse opportunities that lay ahead of her.  

“I’ve always been interested in biology and sustainability, how the earth works and how we as a society come into play with it and affect it.

“During one event with Engineers Australia in school, we did an activity revolving around a little town on a river in Cambodia. We had to come up with solutions to help the town enjoy a better quality of water and improve their health. That really kind of sparked something for me. We have to look after the environment in order to live.

“Already I’ve worked on a drainage system for a wetland and seen how an idea develops into something concrete. It was such an achievement to see my part of a project develop from start to end. It also gave me an appreciation for team work as I saw how everyone’s different components came together to complete the project.

“It kind of surprised me at first, but in engineering, and especially at Calibre, everyone works together to get the job done. I’m excited to take on a fulltime position here when I graduate in a couple of years.”

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